I made a lobby and it is not working on game start. I need help

So my class and I are working on an ultimate game mode. I made a lobby with different game choices buttons wired to teleporters. The problem I am running into is when I hit the game start it doesn’t start out in the lobby I created. I double checked my spawn pads and they are where they need to be. There isn’t another spawn pad but yet I am starting below everything. What do I do or how can I fix this so that my students can finish their game? Ill attach photos below.

Start of Game I see this:

This is the lobby I built where we need to start:
Screenshot 2024-05-13 132037

Here is the spawn pad setting in the lobby:

I have no idea where I went wrong or messed up. Any help would be appreciated!

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okay sorry, but can yougive me some more information?
like who is spawning wrong place, and what is supposed to happen?

is it students spawning wrong place or teacher?
and where do they need to spawn?


First of all I think it’s amazing you’re making this with your students.

The issue is in the spawn pads, you have it set to “Players”. You have to set the spawn pads to “Everyone”

Please LMK if this fixes the issue!


Also, change the lobby spawn pads to pre-game and the game spawn pads to game only.

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The lobby is for the pre-game, not in-game.

If you want your lobby to be in-game, then set the spawn pad to in-game, or Game, as well.


If its where they are not spawning in right place when you click game start its probably because the lobby spawn pad is set to only pre game…
If they are not spawning on lobby before game starts, then its probably because the other spawn pad in first image is not set to only in game but game start and pre game.

the lobby spawn pad is set to pre-game, if you spawn there when the game starts, it needs to be game or all

Both students and I are spawning in the wrong spot. We have teams. I wanted everyone to spawn in the lobby “pre-game” and when the game started they choose which “summit” they wanted to go to. But instead when we hit start, everyone is starting below all the blocks and are trapped.

Pre-game is before the game has started. Before you press start.

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Edit: I deleted the in game spawn pad and left the one in the lobby. I set that one to all and it finally worked! Thank you all so much! I can’t wait to get this game published. Our last one did really well on plays.

Typing all that really shows your commitment as a first time user!

Thank you. I want my student’s second game to be as good as their first one. They’ve worked so hard on it.


This is amazing!

If you ever need anything again the forums are here!

I’m also always around if you want to @ me.

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