I made a button that if u click it it activates a tag zone, but its not working!

is it too big to delete the system and try again?

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Not rly big, so I could

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Then try?

No, it is active at the game start

Yea, I will right now

If you want a button to activate it, it has to be deactivated before.

Alr, I will deactivate it and try

It still doesn’t work

I click “kill” button again and again but it doesn’t work!

Do you have a cooldown? Did you use @CringeKarlScott’s guide? Also, the Tag Zone has to be deactivated on game start. When the button is clicked, activate the tag zone device. After like a second or so, deactivate it so that it can fail. If the tagger tags someone, wire it to a wire repeater(the tag zone I mean), then back so it can deactviate the tag zone

Ok the kill button is a bit weird. try this guide, it works for me, you may have to do some tweeking though.

Alr, I will try it just give me a sec

Ok, let me kown if it doesn’t work so I can help you solve it.

Alr, thanks, @WolfTechnology . I’ll tell u if it does’nt work.

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It still doesn’t work, @WolfTechnology

Ok, so the button system you should have should look like this,

  • First, place down a tag zone. It should cover the whole map.
  • :wrench: Set the tagging team to the imposter team. Make the tagging team inactive turn on the game start.
  • Place down a game overlay. Set both scopes to player, and make it a button. The button should be inactive on game start, and show when receiving on " IC (Imposter Decided)".
    :information_source: The button should be called “Kill Player”.
  • Now, wire the overlay to the tag zone:
    Button pressed -> Activate Tag Zone
  • Next wire the overlay to a wire repeater with 0.5 delay:
    Button Pressed -> Repeat the wire pulse
  • Now, wire the repeater to the tag zone.
    Wire repeats the pulse -->Tag Zone.

(information from @Haiasi)

I already did all of that.

It still does not work, so I deleted my whole system and tried this. Still does not work

I didn’t add that part but I added some corrections and more detailed explanations.

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