I lost all my levels in gimkit. Why did this happen and is there a way to restore it?

I am creating this because I literally just posted a map I was really proud of and now it is not published and I wasted 1000 gimbucks. I also really don’t want to go though the nitty gritty of reobtaining my levels. Please help.

Evidence? Also you lost levels because new season

Yep every new season they reset your level to 0

New season? You reset to level one?

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what! they do that all my levels are goneeeeeeee

ok, thank you. I thought about it and pushed the idea away because I was able to publish my map 20 minutes ago.

yeah… its going to be a pain getting back to level 50

but thank you for telling me

Actually, publishing is based on career level, so you should still be able to publish maps!

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how do I check that?

Because look at the gimbucks

You can’t, but it’s the total amount of levels you’ve ever earned. So if you were level 50 before the reset, you should still be able to publish now.


Wait but how do you check your carrer level

That is very annoying.

Have you ever published a map before? What was your level before the reset?

You can’t check

I forget my level but my map was published and got to 199 plays. it was called Laser Tag…?

Every gimkit season all of your levels will go away

I remember my levels being like in the 40s range and I had gimkit from season 1