I have questions

  • For the game I’m making, there’s a part where the player can dig for seeds. (Two seeds you can dig up currently.) I want to put a max amount so the player doesn’t just grind there forever. Let’s say the max is ten, and the player has dug up 3 yellow seeds, and 7 brown seeds. Because 7 + 3 is 10, Then the game will say something like, “Your bag is full!” Or something. The problem is I don’t know how to make the game add the amount of yellow seeds and brown seeds at the same time.

  • Another problem is that I want there to be upgrades so you can carry more seeds, but I don’t know how to update the max amount of seeds you can get for the player who bought the upgrade.

  • Another thing is that when the player starts digging, a popup kind of thing appears saying “Digging…” or something, and after a random amount of seconds, another popup thing appears saying whether you got a seed or you got nothing. (SOLVED)

  • The last thing is that the point of the game is to keep your chicken alive by getting seeds, growing them, and then feeding the crop to them. Lets say your chicken is about this hungry, :red_square::red_square::red_square::red_square::red_square: when you feed your chicken, it is now this hungry. :red_square::red_square::red_square: I don’t know what devices to use to do that.

You could use a counter to count how many times they dig, and when it gets to ten it opens the popup and deactivates the dig mechanism.

i can do the popup thing

so you have your button to dig. now wire it to a popup and a repeater and make the repeater increment a counter every one second. make the popup not closable (in all options) and wire the counter to the popup (target value reached>close popup) and to another thing (target value reached>open thing) or item granter

you make it update the same counter whenever they dig up a yellow seed or a brown seed. when that counter reaches its target value (which should be ten) activate the popup.

You could use two separate IIM-properties to store the amount of different seeds, then give the player ( the amount of both seeds) in a third item, then have a third IIM limit that item. Each time something happens that causes the amount of seeds to change, have it check if the new master amount is allowed first before changing it.

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what is an IIM

Inventory Item Manager or Indian Institutes of Management

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Bro what.

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I still need help with this

don’t read the past edits i am a changed man

Yeah I don’t want to read your past edits. I can help you tommorow.

For the last one, you could literally make a display out of barriers, and do some property shenanigans and trigger shenanigans to get it to work. Take property :ok_hand:, for example. (:ok_hand: was used because it’s distinctive.) Feeding the chicken increments the counter, so make something like button → trigger [set property (:ok_hand:), value (get property (:ok_hand:) + 200)]. Then, make a recursion counter that decrements the property every interval, preferably like every 3 seconds. Lifecycle → triggerloop [decrement :ok_hand: by 200, too lasy to write it all out.] Connect another trigger to the triggerloop, so when the non-block code trigger is activated, this trigger is activated. Trigger → trigger. This triggers block code needs to do kinda a lot, but it is doable. It needs to ZEROITH broadcast on channel CLEAR. Then, FIRST check if :ok_hand: is less than or equal to 0 or greater than or equal to 1000. If so, end game. SECOND, check if it is less then 100(N). N is a property. If so, broadcast on channel Ndisplay. Yes, that is concat, NOT the actual channel name. If not, add one to N, and broadcast on channel Rerun. Place down another trigger. Have it trigger on channel Rerun, and have it trigger the other trigger. Trigger → trigger. Place down another trigger, and have it trigger when the block code portion of the triggerloop triggers. This triggers sole purpose is to reset N to 1. Trigger → trigger. After all that, place down a barrier or text, and make it red. Have it activate on channel 1Display, and deactivate on channel CLEAR. Then, copy the barrier/text, duplicate it, and change the channel name to 2Display. Repeat this until you get to 9Display, or 900-999 food stored. This is probably really unoptimized, so let me know! Hope this helps!