I have question

So why is the gim shop not working? it keeps restarting at 1 minute for me! What is going on?

But if it’s not like that for u then what are the skins?

same here. i think you need to give it some time

It is doing the same for me. Usually the shop refreshes on Wednesdays. I don’t think the shop will be available again until sometime in January.

dang that sucks i was saving a hoping it was legendary skin today…

no, it’s probably sizzlestar and firesky for new years’

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well that’s no fun lol

Yea! My freind and I are having problems!

ik right? i was hoping to get sizzlestar and some other gims because i have 2k gimbucks also welcome to the community

Wait, why is the store goingcrazy?

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I have no idea- I think its a glitch


It keeps resetting to 1 minute lol that’s so frustrating like right when it hits one second-

hm, well gimkit did say there were not coming back until early jan.

WHEN WILL IT STOP! :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

timer keeps going its making me dizzy

I have 40 people just waiting for the shop to open.


jacob, you should mark a solution before we get flagged anyways i gtg do homework

I got it at 0!!

Itll just reset now no more replying. Let the topic close.