I have not been really catching up

Could you tell me everything new

and what could come from it
I need a catch up
I am trying to catch up again here after my long break So explain all the new things in gimkit creative to me please

there is platforming and a new game mode, dig it up, for season ticket holders
I’m not sure if u already new that tho

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I knew that but thanks for trying =)

I just need to know the new devices or whatever in Creative

No, you could’ve just looked at the changelog, and since we’re being more pressered than before about what we post don’t do this stuff. You should’ve got a pm from Pharlain (I think) telling you about our behaviour and we all need to improve.


@GimSolver, I had no clue about the Eiqy thing. I got tired of copy and pasting eiqcrmeliutgwhc, and saw Eiqy one time. I decided that was more effeicent to type out and remember. Sorry, never knew.

no no this is allowed. its just a lot of work to do that I just need to know what their uses could be I would love to be getting back to guides

That’s really it. If you have the Season Ticket there’s already 18 guides (3 by me). You could’ve just looked up everything instead of a topic though, but I’m gonna stop talking.


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