I have no idea how to use bloccks

can some one give me a like guide of how to use blocks because Ive been only playing my classmates publish link which only last for like 7 or 5 days idk but pls gimme a link or sumthing

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What about this?

Here you go!

ok thanks! also the character thing doesnt work

You can’t have special symbols, like this is a bad example: < wow @ClicClac is a cool guy!>

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but whutta bout this

that doesn’t work

I’m think that is because you can’t have a message with no words,

And you must make it still add up to 20 characters

ooooooooooooooooh ok thank you.

You can bypass the character limit by typing letters (and only letters) into <> brackets. What it does is hide it all (if it is only letters), so it works. Make sure to type enough to fill the entire 20 characters.

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