I have lost my account (OFF-TOPIC DON'T REPLY)

i got logged out and its saying account not found
i need help
i have a big project pls help me :slightly_frowning_face:

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This happened to me once. Go take a break for an hour, come back, and log in. It should be coming back.

If it still doesn’t work, try and wait tomorrow. If it still doesn’t work, the mods have deleted the account.


Did you choose student or teacher?

Wait, actually, please mark a solution as this doesn’t have anything to do with GKC.

i chose
student not teacher

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thank you so much everyone

Just shut down your device.

please mark a solution @sully_co it avoids clutter
also welcome to the community

i might as well just make a new account called sully_co because my last account was sullivan_co

I probably don’t think you don’t need to do that. Ban evading is a (kinda) big offense. But you can do it if you want, but it can probably increase the chances of ip bans or hwid bans.

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Welcome to the forums, @sully_co!

i am not ban evading
i am making an alt account

Try emailing hello@gimkit.com about the issue. Note that they probably won’t get to you in a while since they are on a break.

Okay, but i have a thumbnail for the big project i’m making wanna see it

Hmm, that might be off topic for this post since it’s about recovering an account. Maybe post it in discord, fandom, or wixsite.

Please don’t get off-topic. This forum is not the place for showcases. (Even though this post is already kinda off-topic.)

guys thanks for your help i got my account back tysm

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Please mark a solution to close the post and that’s great to hear!

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