I have an idea for freeze tag but idk if it would work

i have an idea for freeze tag 50 people max 5% freezers 5% unfreezers 90% innocent
the innocents have movement meter for like energy, they start of by having like billion energy but when the freezer team tags them they loose all the energy and swap to the freezer team (they have to all win by making everyone frozen) the unfreezers would give them energy back when frozen, so when all innocents are tagged the unfreezers turn innocent and have to run from freezers 5-10 minute timer

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Unfortunately, there is already a game created for this type of game…
But good idea!


whats wrong if someone already made it? he could make a different or better one…

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yaa like how there’s a million don’t look downs!!!

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  2. U could do that, but you’know, u neva know until u try!

  3. If u found a solution, press the solution found button. Looks like this Ty!

This should work! If there’s a bug, you’ll never know until you try!

freeze tag or regualer tag?

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