I have a very simple question. How do I place a banana in my game?

Screenshot 2024-04-18 11.42.59 PM
I am a beginner and have no clue. How do I get this banana in my game. I searched terrain, devices, everywhere. How do I do it?

As in a prop? Also are you a ban speedrunner? If not do NOT take offense. To prevent clutter put multiple questions in a single topic.
Maybe this?:
How to make a banana in Gimkit creative : ) [⬜]

Use the item image device

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I have a lot of questions about my game and I am new. I want a banana to wire like the one in the picture. Not as a decoration.

What do u want the banana to do?

to wire it to my dirt block for farming

lol I totally forgot it was a device

So you have to get a crafting recipes device and create the recipe for the banana. Make the group for the crafting recipes “1.” Now in your crafting table/ farm dirt plot settings change the group to “1.” That should work…

wait I have a question? Whenever I have a seed and try to place it in the dirt crafting block it says nothing available to plant. How do I make it plant the seed?

in the crafting recipes for the banana make that seed one of/the only ingredient. I’m off to bed so g’night

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