I have a question, plz help

If you for some reason can’t get on Wix, are you allowed to post a code for people to get into your game, I need some testers for my map, if it’s allowed, I will only do it once.

No its not allowed, but that it one of the main reasons I made an Forum Called the GCC it allows codes and off-topic chatting to an extent. https://gimkitcommunitycentral.discourse.group/invites/yBZZ1gqqAD

hey wolf tech can you share me the publish code on wix im curious to see what coffee’s cod zombies map looks like

Sure let me ask him to post it.

How do I get in, I already made an account.

its just like this forum everything is the same so i don’t understand your question.

I gave you the code on the WIX.

alrighty thanks wolf tech

No Problem.

brb gotta go afk for lunch

ok, my friend can send you another code, later

alrighty and so far your cod zombie map looks good! i could add a few mechanics like sprint if you want to later

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he has tried adding sprint before so yah you could try later when he uploads a new code

i added sprint on my map with a few modifiers to the guide i used so should be easy to add sprint the map no problem i should just be able to copy it over piece by piece

okay talk to yer later

alrighty im back from lunch tell me when ur ready

ok, it won’t be for a bit, though i will be ready

black fox can you help me with a map

sure whaddya need liam?

are you on right now blackfox so you can help me