I have a question for my game

I need help for how to send a popup immedietly when they spawn in like they did in one way out.

Lifecycle(game start)—>popup

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Lifcycle(Game Start) → Relay(All Players) → Popup(open it up!)
@The_7th_Dragon You forgot the relay

Also off-topic @The_7th_Dragon what timezone are you?

is there a way to send it to a certain person/team?

You have to use a channel with the lifecycle since there isn’t a way to send a notification with wires only activate it.

Just change the relay.

Relay? I thought it was lifecycle

ohhhhh thats what blizzy said

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You need both the lifecycle will activate it but to send it to who you want you need a relay.

ok then what do I do with the relay to change it, there’s only 3 options

Hello? Helllllllooooooooooooooooooooo!?

Who are you trying to send it to? The second post is technically spam and could get flagged, I suggest deleting it.

Yeah…we need more info


I’m in est

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@Jacob Who do you want to send it to?


I’m in EST too…

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OK! im making a hide & Sekk game but I want certain pop ups to be sent to certain people.

Seek is what I meant

also yes anybody! I just need help!

use several relays

For Team 1(Hiders): Lifecycle(Game Start) → Relay(All players on specific team, Team 1) → popup(Open)
For Team 2(Seeker): Same thing, just for relay is Team 2

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alright then thanks…

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