I have a new Idea of how to make a keypad lock with number codes

Hey Guys I think I may have figured out how to make a number code keypad lock. wanna help?

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Codes are not allowed on the forum.

you can’t post codes on the forum

maybe post pictures?

No I mean a number keypad lock that you make a number code for to unlock it.

i dont thinks that possible

I know, you can’t post codes on the forum so that we can help

no he is not saying that
you know safes he want to have a code to open that safe
(thats at least what im guesisng)

I have an Idea around that not being possible.

good guess your correct actually

Alright, can you post a picture/idea of your build?

instead of saying you have an idea maybe tell us how?

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sure just give me a minute.

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this guide will revolutionize the gimkit world!!!

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The tug tag is basically the guide you are trying to make.


Here is the picture In order to make it a number keypad use a textbox entry with a six digit number for the answer.

Make a a guide and tell us. :slight_smile:

Would this really be considered help?
If so, then what is really your question

You can.

Any ideas on how to make it better?