I have a couple of questions

1: I know it’s possible for the scoreboard to track knockouts, but it doesn’t work when I knock out sentries, how do I do that?

2: How can I make it so at the end of the game it shows how many question you got correct and incorrect, like in the modes Gimkit themselves made?

3: Is there a way I can make it so something track a streak of how many questions you got right?

  1. Search it up! There are multiple guides on it!

  2. Also search it up! If you don’t understand, just ask and I can give you a rundown.

  3. Pretty sure there is also a guide on this.

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My bad @ClicClac, I could not find guides on them, but now I did, however I’m still confused on question 2.

You can have the questioner transmit on a channel that increments a counter that updates a property that appears on an end game widget.



Questioner (question answered correct) → counter - property.
Questioner (question answered incorrect) → counter - property.

Then get two different end game widgets, and have them show these properties. If you need pictures, I can provide them.

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Thanks @CassiusDoomlorde and @ClicClac , I’ll mark a solution to close the topic now.

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