I have a bit of an issue

So, in my Deathrun game I am making, I need to have a repeater that gives each player a banana each second, this repeater needs to stop when the player reaches the pad at the end, but I also need the repeater to stop if the player dies, but I don’t want the player to respawn when they reach the end of the map, I am putting them in spectator mode, how do I make it so that the repeater ends when getting signals from both channels, not at the same time, but I need the repeater to end when one or the other happens. Please give me any solutions.

You could use triggers triggered by a channel and they stop the repeater
(Triggers are wired to the repeater)

I will try this thanks.

Don’t use repeater @OoGoO .

It’s ok if they choose to use a repeater

Yeah but it memory enaficent.

wdym? why is it less efficient?

Because it uses to much memory.

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