I found a bug in my creative 2D map

When I go to a lowest option in my 2d creative map my screen acts like it’s teleporting to outside of my map and back to where I am. (P.S my maps not platformer map

Welcome to the forum the 2d bugs are still being worked out after all the gamemode is very new they will probably fix it in the near future

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Are you on mobile?

Can you show a picture or a video?

Yes, why?
Because I prefer an desktop mobile.

Mobile users have usually problems seeing things at the button. If you’re using overlays, it’d probably be best not to have so many of them, or if you have to constantly click them.

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Welcome to the forums @Da_king_Pepetheprawn interesting name you got there.

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It’s the first thing that came to mind.

I only have one overlay, what does it mean.

Overlays are glitchy on mobile. You’ll probably get used to it.
:computer: If this doesn’t feel like a usual error, email hello@gimkit.com.
Otherwise, I can’t do anything else.

It’s not usual at all I’ve had no problems with it and its one of the first things I put in.

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welcome to the forums, @Da_king_Pepetheprawn !

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Thanks, I appreciate it.

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