I dont want to get banned

I want to post a jailbreak map but i dont know if i might get banned for it. i havent published yet. here are some screen shots.

why would you get banned?

Do you mean publish it in discovery? It should be fine, so long as there’s no extreme references violence etc.

i dont know it may be offensive somehow

i don’t think its offinsive as long as you keep real world events out of it and you don’t make it sound extremly real

ok. I just wanted to know because a prisoner is a team echo agent wich is white and may somehow be offensive

and theres also the libre gim as a prisoner and most wrestlers who wear masks like that and stuff, are mexican

Uh what the heck lmao
Having a prisoner who is on a team that can be labeled as white isn’t offensive :skull:
There are valid examples of people of all races being in jail so this literally isn’t offensive


Yeah… I don’t think the devs are that strict about white gims and gim outfits XD lol

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ok thanks ima publish it. you watn the link?

Please don’t post links here, although I’m sure your game is plenty fun to play. But no, I have math homework. Was just popping in to check the forums really quick.

You might want to edit this, random people might flag it for cursing (lol) even though it’s not rly a curse…

well yeah because why would they even add them if they where that strict

i say lmao pretty often and haven’t been stopped yet :person_shrugging:

eh good point. anyways imma leave now, @FNaFguyLP make sure to mark a solution!

i also have homework rn

don’t worry, you will definitely not get banned

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