I don't really need help, more of just a wondering

Not really help, but more of what is the extent of what can you do with Gimkit Creative.

Almost anything. The hardest and one of the most complicated things is How to make _____Land :black_large_square:

Basically, just search through Community Made Guides and read some of them.

You can do a lot, there is a limit, but mostly every thing is possible

look in unresolved clay-institute technical
theory and try to solve the problems Bitwise operations in gimkit

Okay. If I ever have free time I will. I won’t mark as a solution just yet just to see what other replies show up.

ever tried commenting using <>?
read the sentence below this

Technically, you can do anything in gimkit creative, anything at all.
(This is proved since @blackhole927 was able to build a turing machine)