I don't know what is wrong anymore

I don’t know what is happening, and I am getting annoyed.
So, on my Death Run map, when the voting is done, it broadcasts on “VotingDone” which gets received by a relay set to all players, hooked up to a teleporter. When it broadcasts on “VotingDone” Only one person gets teleported :rage:
Can someone figure out why?

just run it through a relay set to all players

edit: wait you are doing that ok that’s weird

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That is what I did

yeah, I noticed that afterwards

do you have a picture of what the system looks like?

[I have no idea why a relay wouldn’t work, so just have to look at everything]

maybe try a trigger? like trigger recieves channel activate relay to activate teleporter

This could be a bug, as sometimes I use devices on dif maps and it decides to go haywire and not work, but maybe recheck everything, check your spelling, grammar, on the channel, if not place down another relay.

You could make it where when voting done gets broadcast, make it broadcast another different channel in the relay

they are a bit faraway, but I will move them closer to get a screenshot

Screenshot 2024-01-29 7.44.58 AM


now i’m with you. I don’t know what is wrong anymore :frowning:



is there block code or something in those triggers/what do they do in the system


those 2 triggers trigger when one of the maps wins, and it deactivates the trigger that checks for who won the voting every second.
But, I just tried @Caternaught’s idea with the trigger, and it works!
Thanks Caternaught


welcome! it happened to me before and just changing the device usually fixes it

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