I don't have the block set text

I look all over for it but it’s not there do you make a variable

Just use this:

type or paste code here

It’s under a preformatted text.
Screenshot 2024-02-02 3.02.17 PM

Set text is a block in the overlay and text devices.

how do i get to the preformatted text

Oh, you mean in game?

yes im trying to do something that requires it

To make a variable:

  • Go in the block menu
  • Go to the variables menu
  • Create a variable (type name)
  • Done!

well what device are you in?

And here are the rest of the guides on blockcode and variables:

I’m on crhome book is that bad

any device will work.
Also it appeared you mark solution, did you want to keep it

Yes it worked i don’t no why ut it didn’t show

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