I don’t know how to make a pond fishable in

How do I make it so I can fish in a pond?

@Cryptoraider_Gemkit can probably help you with this as he as several tutorials on youtube

There is a guide: Loot Tables! (Fishing System like Fishtopia) | TUTORIAL | Difficulty : 🟧(Old Forum Repost) - #5 by Cryptoraider_Gemkit . you can also run the command: @GimAI /gimai_help how do i make a fishing system? to have an answer

An invisible button placed below the water could work - you’re able to resize the interaction radius for the item, so water areas of varying size could still be compatible. A player interacting with that button will send the message that initiates fishing processes.

Gimkit Fishing System Tutorial:

Devices you’ll need:

  • Item Granters for each type of fish (Gray, Green, Red, Blue)
  • Additional Item Granter for bait
  • Property device for bait number tracking
  • Property device for FishingRodLevel (optional)

Step 1: Start by adding an Item Granter that will grant “bait” to players. The granter should be set to “Grant Player Selected Item (Custom Amount)” with a custom amount of -1.

Step 2: Create a property named something like “BaitNum”. This property will keep track of the amount of bait a player has.

Step 3: In the item granter that grants bait, go to the “When item granted” block, and set up the following logic:

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if (Get Property: BaitNum > 0)
    Set Property Value to: Property: BaitNum
    Value: Get Property: BaitNum - 1
    Broadcast Message on Channel: (Out of Bait Channel)

Step 4: Now, create a variable, let’s call it “Num”, and use the following code to assign a random integer value from 1 to 1000 to it.

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Set (Variable: Num) to: random integer from (1) to (1000)

Step 5: Create an if-else structure to determine the type of fish that will be caught based on the randomly generated number.

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If (Variable: Num <= 700)
    Broadcast: "Gray fish"
Else If (Variable: Num <= 850)
    Broadcast: "Green fish"
Else If (Variable: Num <= 950)
    Broadcast: "Red fish"
Else If (Variable: Num <= 1000)
    Broadcast: "Blue fish"

Step 6: For each type of fish, add an Item Granter set to grant the respective fish type on receiving the corresponding broadcast.

Optional Steps: If you wish to add a system to upgrade the fishing rod, you can create a “FishingRodLevel” property. As the fishing rod level increases, you can adjust the code to prevent catching lower value fish like the gray fish.

Note: The images and screenshots provided in the original post will also be beneficial for visual understanding.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully built a fishing system in Gimkit. Remember to test the system thoroughly to ensure it works as expected. Happy gaming!