I desperately need help

So, I’m making a minigames map and one of the minigames is red light green light. At the start, every player is given one energy. My setup is that when the red light button is pressed, it triggers a trigger with a delay of 1 second. That trigger then activates a movement meter, and if you lose your energy, you get switched to a spectator. I’m having trouble with the movement meter because when it’s a red light and I move, I keep the energy in my inventory. I would really appreciate it if someone helped.

Here are some pictures to confuse you even more:



Movement Meter:

(And just so everyone knows, I did look before I posted, but I couldn’t find anything that helped.)

Why are the pictures for the trigger and inventory item manager the same?

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wouldn’t you use a movement meter instead of an inventory item manager to take away energy?

Yeah you put the trigger as the same for a inventory item manager.

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I apologize for all of the inconveniences. I’m really disorganized and the forums are super laggy. I will fix everything, just give me a second.

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Just make it default off, then when activate movement meter and when the warning amount reached (Set to 0) is reached broadcast channel “a” and when Received channel “a” switch team to spectator. This should work!

Right now you don’t have anything broadcasting when moved.

Also you would need to make that button deactivate itself, and activate a green light. Then repeat for that button.

  1. You can’t set the warning amount to zero.
  2. I already have the green light set up, but I just didn’t include it because I felt like it wasn’t necessary.
  3. There is no when moved channel.

using the all new player position detector thingy (YAY) there should be an option to broadcast on channel when coordinates change

Ok set warning amount to 5 and have 6 so when you move it goes down 1 and you di.e, basically same thing.

So I activate it when the trigger is triggered?
Is that even possible?

possibly? i cant access gimkit at the moment so idk

I just checked. It’s not possible.

Just so everything is clear, I’m having trouble with the movement manager (I think). The energy stays in my inventory when I’m moving during a red light.

I got it! Make the Player Position Detector update a x and y property. Broadcast on channel “change” when player position changes. Have a trigger trigger when receiving on this channel. The trigger is deactivated on green light and activated on red light.
Trigger blocks:
set (variable) x to get property “x”
set (variable) y to get property “y”
if (variable) y does not equal get property “y” or (variable) x does not equal get property “x” then
broadcast on channel “respawn”

a respawn device respawns player when receiving on channel “respawn”
i think that will work

Can you include pictures please? They would help a lot.
Also, do I need everything else?

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Did you see mine, just change the amount to 5 and have 6 so when you walk it broadcasts?!