I could use some ideas for my battle royale map

I need some ideas for my battle royale map, and i have some cool stuff, but i suck at props.

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I might not be able to get back to anyone for a little while, because i will be at school

Maybe make like an arcade or smth

i did put in a disco gaming area, with a note that you can read, and a table with a gaming chair and laptop, but thats all

and some arcade machines as well

Basketball court or any other sport court?

I could do that, I kind of put 3 basket balls and a basketball hoop by one of the first bosses, bt I could move that and make a new room

Library? Fishing area?

I reccomend reading Community Made Guides in battle-royale, they have some guides for battle royale games

I dont have a liabary, but thats a great idea! and I do have a really big lake with baordwalk surrounding it, so can put some more props in that area

ok, thatnks! that can give me a lot more ideas as well

No problem! Glad I helped

i have an idea, maybe get a knockout manager.

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