I can't publish my game?

Screenshot 2024-02-26 10.29.08 PM
click here, and then go to home.

Um btw you aren’t suppost to be able to post links to gimkit like that, so i guess if you type in the full url it bypasses that. Intresting…

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Your level for the whole time you played gimkit is too low.

Farm some XP and get Level 50, then you can publish your game.

Oh ok its by earning XP


It depends on how much XP you have. If you have 15,000 XP from the whole week, you can’t gain any more until Wednesday at 2 PM EST.

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Oh, well I only have 0 XP right now, how do you even gain XP?

Look at the bottom of the image.

Also note

This shows that i’m almost full. If i’m almost full, then i have to wait wednesday to reset the limit.

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it increase to 20k when ticket is purchased and your level does not have a cap, just letting you know.

oh ok ok so each time you complete games or quizzes??;

so you earn by leveling up in games?

no just by completing games. Just try a game called DLD(don’t look down) and you earn xp as you reach each checkpoint.

Each time you get a knockout on snowbrawl, fish in fishtopia, or play other games, then you get XP each time.

There’s no limit for the levels, but limit for how much XP you take.

There is a lot of ways, maybe a possible guide on this?

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I’m still confused with how you gain XP really.

If i did, it would have been reported. This is a gimkit CREATIVE forum, not any gimkit relative issues.

The most effective way to gain XP is to buy upgrades in tag. When you buy an upgrade, you’ll see some text at the top of your screen telling you you gained some XP. When you gain 1,000 xp, you’ll level up, and gain 100 gimbucks. This levelup will be indicated by a popup on the side of your screen.


If you did, i don’t know another way to explain it. That’s all i know.

" XP, or experience points, are the foundation of Cosmetics. You gain XP in 2D game modes by completing specific actions, including answering questions correctly . As you gain XP, you level up. Leveling up earns you GimBucks, which you’ll use to purchase items from the Item Shop" said by gimkit them selves. I really don’t know how to explain it further its a pretty simple concept.


Yes, but we are trying to tell them how to even earn it, they seem stuck on that. Save the fastest grind maps for after.

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oh wait I think I’m a little bit getting it…
I read the down part in the XP.