I can't pick up items

Whenever I start the game, I can’t pick up gadgets from the item spawner. My settings say the player can hold up to 5 items, but me and my friends can’t even get any.

I think this is an April Fool’s thing, everyone getting issues. It should be reverted tomorrow.

yeesh so many bug posts

:partying_face: Happy April Fools, everybody! :partying_face:
Really? I didn’t know these were a way of having bugs…
Or maybe I’m just clueless…

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wow maybe they did add bugs on purpose

That’s what i’m thinking, some random practical joke like this. At least, I hope it’s one, because otherwise Gimkit is really screwed up.

Why I just started a new map that’s in discovery and I can’t pick up any Items :neutral_face:

It’s just an April fools thing…
happening all over…
:pensive: everyone is experiencing this…

yeah just try again tomorrow.

Same here! I am not enjoying this April Fool’s prank. I guess there’s no point in playing anyone’s games. :frowning:

Why?? Josh Why??? Now I can’t do anything in any of my maps!?! Why? would you do this!!!

Could also be related to the mining gamemode playtest today.

Mining Gamemode? What is that?

ya probably just April fools

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Thanks everyone, this was a bug that is now fixed!


This was a bug that is now fixed!