I cant open creative or any other 2d mode

I can’t open creative or any other 2D mode but I can still host non-2D modes. is anyone else having this issue? this means I can’t get my Xp which is a problem.

What happens when you try to open them?

They just stay at the loading screen and don’t open the actual game.

How’s your wi-fi? If it is good then maybe fully turn off your computer

I’m not sure what’s happening then. Maybe try restarting your computer?

Are you on bad internet? They might just be taking awhile to load.

my internet is fine but I will try to restart my computer.

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If you open another tab while waiting for it to load, it takes forever. I’ve had this glitch multiple times.

I dont think thats the issue because I was playing a gimkit game right before the item shop reset and it kicked me when it reset. i also had multiple instances of the same game open at the same time before.


I’m not quite sure what’s happening then, sorry.

is it working for evreyone else?

That can be a problem with the lifetime of Gimkit servers.

maybe it is but i dont know.

It kicked you when the item shop reset?


Why were you having multiple game instances?

i was hosting a tag domination for xp farming(because you get 5000 xp for bying evreything there) so i had 2 other instances open to get my weekly 15,000 xp.

That doesn’t work… if you have multiple accounts in a game it just only lets one earn xp. Right?

That was updated, now you don’t need to get an alt to join your game anymore.

i know but if i farm with one than leave I can use another alt to farm in the same game.

You can just also return to lobby and restart…

Anyway I’m not sure what’s going on here, sorry.