I can't joi-n or host a game and I dunno why

why can’t I

where are you on the gimkit homescreen?

home screen with rewards on the top right and where the kits are

that what you mean?

Yes, do you have any kits created?

Did you click kits and select the kit you want to host, then select the game mode you want to play and click host?

lots of em since gimkit started


Could you send a screenshot?

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Ok let me see if it does it to me because it may just be on your end if so you might need to shut down you divice and power it back up.

✨ above me memes ✨

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It works for me so you need to shut down you divice and power it back up. Then let me know if it fixed.

Ok, so nvm what I said, gimkit is having an issue with the servers and no one can host or create a new map. We just have to wait untill its fixed.


sorry, I had to close computer before you said it

Yeah I can’t host right now and there was a bug report saying the same thing.


it won’t even work for tag domination

or joining one either

Same for me idk why.