I can't get into the Discord server

Untitled design

what discord server

the gimkit server

how do you get into it

go on discord, click on “explore servers”
search “gimkit”
its a public server

blocked on my chromebook

oh yeah makes sense

regarding your website my teachers have made it so that whenever i log in the website blocks
so thats why i havent been posting lately
so im saying thanks on here

u cant go on the website?

i can go on it
but when i log in it automatically blocks

oh ok
its probably the login service thats blocked then

ok um
ill post it in the groupchat
u can view that without logging in

thanks lets see if it works

shoot gotta go
ill try it out later


Try going to gimkit.com, click on the cosmetics button, scroll down, and press the button that looks like this:

:OOO thx so much

dang it
still blocked
oh well