I Can't find my game in Creative Discovery

I posted my creative game, but when I search its name, my game doesn’t show.

At first I thought Gimkit had to load for it to show, but now it’s the end of the day and I published it in the morning, yet it still doesn’t appear.

Other games work when I search their names. I know my game is published, because I see the panel with all the settings for a published game. I’ve met all the requirements for a game to be published, the panel said so before I published the game.

If you can help me with this, thank you.

The name of my game is: The Battle Dimension
In case that helps in any way

Welcome @aUsername to the forums, make sure to read the new-user-must-read.
Also, when I search up your map, I don’t see it. So you might want to contact Gimkit themself.

Someone may have reported it and it got taken down…

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I agree you might have to contact support

That is an idea, but I don’t think that’s likely because,

  1. It follows the guidelines (I checked)

  2. No one has viewed it :melting_face:

Also, I’ll try to contact support if nobody knows why this is happening

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Could there be a typo in the name?

Did they add gamemode searching already?

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Yep, sometime last night I think.

It’s a new feature so it might be a bug. You should probably move this to Bugs

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