I can't figure out how to only let one team see a waypoint because I'm dum

You can set the way point to a team but you can’t choose which team?


In the settings of the waypoint, make the scope to team not global.

:exploding_head: wow really??? i definitely didnt say i already tried that

Mark a solution when you find one!

Thanks, i will.

Wait, did it work?

The whole problem was that it wouldn’t @GimSolver

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It lets me choose team scope, but doesn’t let me choose which team, and either way it still shows to both teams

Heh, the scope on the waypoint is the activation and deactivation.

Make a lifecycle(game start)—> relay (specific team) —> waypoint

Wait what

It didnt work… @The_7th_Dragon
And yes, i specified the team and stuff

Place a relay and set it to all players on a specific team. Then, have the relay transmit on a channel to a waypoint. Then it should work.

@WhereIsMyHat @cyco398 @GimSolver @The_7th_Dragon That WILL NOT WORK

Relays broadcast on a certain player. Relay → Activate Waypoint means the player will activate the waypoint for themselves, and only they can see it. IT DOES NOT WORK. @ClicClac Explained it to me :+1:.

Well, no. A relay is supposed to redirect a signal to multiple players, isn’t it? For instance, if I have, idk, an ability that allows me to respawn everyone, I would use a relay and set it to all players. Idk though. You’re probably right.

It actually doesn’t work for Waypoints. The Relay will make the waypoint point at each of the players on team n, not the other team. Trust me. Test it.

So what do i do yall confusing me

You can’t.

Okay wow.