I can’t edit my map in gimkit creative nor play in a game or host games :(

Does anyone know what is the problem here? It was perfectly fine when I was in school :frowning:

that very strange, bro

maybe try restarting your device?

Ok i will try that.

No it did not work :frowning:

It did not work :frowning: idk what to do

My school has that too, it means Gimkit is blocked on your servers. You can’t do much about it except go change Wi-Fi I think

Email your school librarian or technician and ask them to unblock the domain

It was working in school until i got home. And no Wi-Fi change does not work.

In the future, please refrain from replying unless it’s to help the op.

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This happens very often to me. Just reload and restart the game and it should work.

Yea no it did not work. I will just contact my schools technician.

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this happened to me and I just closed the tab and opened the map on a different tab

this happens to me sometimes when I’m not in school, what I would try is to exit the tab and exe out your chrome page, if that doesn’t work I would go to settings, turn off my wifi for a bit then turn it back on and see if that works.

Check the Gimkit news:

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GimKit is down, that’s the issue. Not that it’s being blocked.

Is anyone still having this issue or is it just me :frowning: ?

It only happens when codes are invalid or if you refresh from a live game that you are hosting (on that tab)

No, that’s a different error.
This error is when the network itself is rejecting Gimkit’s connection.

Are you using a VPN?