I built this questioner connected to an item granter so when you got a question right it would give you a snowball. When I play the item granter dissapears

It disappears when I start and if I answer a question correctly I still don’t get the snowball.

Item granters don’t show up in-game. They are invisible. Can I have a screenshot of your wires and devices?

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But when I get an answer right it still doesn’t give it to me.

That’s why I asked for you to send screenshots of your devices or wires.

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Also, have you checked your inventory to see if you have snowballs?

By the way, next time I suggest you make the topic titles shorter and the body longer.

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I tried posting a screenshot but it said it doesn’t accept. I have checked my inventory and there’s nothing, and I do realize about the shorter titles and longer bodies.

First, can you double check the wires and say what it says?

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It says When Question Answered Correctly → Grant item.

The item is one snowball

Sorry, but I can’t help you because for me that information would definitely give you a snowball. Unless you provide screenshots, you should probably ctrl + r and see what happens.

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what do you mean it disappears

Mysz, Benson, thank you so much for the help. And good news I figured it out! I just had to reroute the questioner’s channel’s.


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