I build among us using terrain

yes, I built the among us ya’ll be wanting…
I used red plastic floor cinema floor, red lab floor, blue plastic floor, blue lab floor, and snow floor


nah bro made it. :skull: It 10/10 Keep making pixel art in gimkit please. NOW

Nice guide!
It looks so cool! (wish my art was as good as that)

Hey, this is very cool, but this is kind of a showcase, I recommend adding how you made it, otherwise it might get flagged!

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This also has your name and a code in it!

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This is more of a showcase than a guide, hence it could be considered off-topic. Maybe give instructions on how to make it/add more details?

(Me and Coral posted similar things lol)

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i use google for help bc im not smart

Please don’t get off-topic.

Nice guide! You may want to give instructions on how to make it, because currently it is a very short showcase. Also its among us not amoog us.

You should crop your images before posting them so that the code is not visible.

Wow, that’s actually really good! You spelled “among us” in your title wrong, though. I fixed it for you.

BUMP for cool art!