I am so confused

I tried using the checker, wire repeater, and now I am on repeater. I need it so if you have a gold key, the barrier is deactivated fo you. I need it always checking. Here is what i have:

Please tell me what i did wrong

Well, first of all, you’re using too much memory by using a repeater and not a trigger.

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i tried the trigger to. I could not get it to work. uggg, i am so annoyed

Did you add a delay?

You don’t need the Repeater or Wire Repeater, you only need a Trigger that broadcasts a message on channel (when triggered, transmit on) and triggers on the same channel.
Lastly, either make the checker run the check on that channel or wire the Trigger to the Checker.
Set the Trigger’s delay to 0.1
The Trigger is much more efficient because it costs less memory and can go down a smaller delay than the Repeater or Wire Repeater, although 0.1 is really all you need.


and this will be checking throughout the whole game?

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True, but for what? Checking an item. I’d say that the wire repeater (delay .1) is just as same as the trigger (delay .015) when thinking about speed. So…

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so… what? @getrithekd

@Haiasi @GimSolver @getrithekd all look this.
(I switched to a trigger(dont try to “hop on” my world please))







what am i doing wrong?!?!?!?!

You also need a relay that your lifecycle activates that should broadcast on a channel. Your trigger needs to have a delay of .5 it should broadcast and recieve on the same channel