I am not getting xp

I cant get xp even though my weekly xp bar only has 2,500 xp in it.

could you provide more details?

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Welcome to the forums, @mason.o3171!

And, yes, what @chub said

Gimkit has cancelled gaining XP for the summer so that people don’t just grind gimbucks…

Can’t really help you with that.

No they haven’t cancel it yet.

Here’s some reasons why.

Your answering questions correctly too fast

You have a all correct answers kit

It’s a creative map




Wait, when are they canceling it then?

woah woah woah I can’t get xp if I wanted to play in the summer?

Yes, gimkit always takes summer breaks so there is no exp or item shop during the summer.


June 12th!

which funnly enough my school gets summer break before that! so I can still get gimbuucks


june 12 2024 wwwwwwwwwwww

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you can still get xp from creative maps

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If you are using a spam kit where all of the questions are correct you probably won’t get xp

probably check your weekly xp. if it’s full, wait for Wednesday to come.

did you check limit bar

@mason.o3171 Welcome to the forums!

I don’t know if you read the rules and guidelines, but the forums are only here to help other users in GKC only! That includes the Bugs category. Next time, look around Gimkit to try and find an answer. If you can’t do that, email hello@gimkit.com or share non-GKC bugs in the discord.

If you don’t know what GKC means, it stands for Gimkit Creative.

did you read the topic? He said it was only at 2,500

mb i didn’t know that…

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Wait really?
Yippee! Now i can enjoy summer break in peace without the concernment of not being able to grind XP

Haha mine too
Mine actually just ended today
me also sick in bed
yep this is fine