I am making a snow brawl like game and would prop ideas to add to my map

I am making a snow brawl like game and would like pictures of resources to add to my map, anything snow themed will work

use the item image device

and find something snow-related

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your not the solution bud, sorry to break your heart

oh that’s fine! it’s ok! idc if my guess wasn’t a solution…

hehe, no I’m just looking for more

Use igloos, snowy trees, snow piles, anything really snowy…i don’t really see what you need help with…i mean the props are pretty easy to know if snowy or not…maybe provide more details so we can help better.

na its fine I figured it out

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candy canes, hats, toys, maybe christmasy items. maybe statues or benches. grave stones. withered tree. etc


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