I am making a sewer battle map

I am making a four team sewer map and need a design for the main sewers. I was wondering if someone could design a sewer tunnel are with the following areas.

Straight tunnels
Curved tunnels

I have been realy stumped on this design and need some help.


You cannot post codes or anything here for help but you can on the Wix or one of the many many Padlets, heres my Padlet but its not very popular. Also thank you for not posting the code.

He’s not asking for codes, he’s just asking for tips on what to add. It’s not against the rules.

That kinda looks like hes asking someone to join his/her/their map to design it.

Yea I just need Ideas for the tunnels.

I was thinking something with the grey barrier walls as the walls, but it looks weird

Never said they were asking for codes

Sorry, I misunderstood your request, I apologize.

I just need a few designs just screen shots if needed

How about this?

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I like that, I kinda wanted it so the battle is IN the sewers, so like you have walkways on both sides for fighting. The problem is I want you to be able to fire over the water, but not cross over to the other side, besides for some bridges.

I don’t know if that’s possible…
Aside from maybe lasers…

This is what I have designed, but I just want to make it have water implemented into it, like an actual sewer system.

I made a sewer in my game, you can use this for an inspiration.

Oh ok, I’ll see how i can do it. thanks

Welcome @Jet2020O :star_struck: