I already made a thumbnail for it, dont reply

i made one already just know
Screenshot 2024-03-19 4.34.56 PM

Hehe no drawn thumbnails… my time to strike >:D

ok fine but only if you can make a decent drawn one. (most drawn ones are bad)

I feel like foxy was right.

We desperately need a thumbnail wiki, like so many requests have happened this week, like so many.

If we make a wiki, might be taken down. I might do that and take one for the team honestly, I’m kinda tired of these request.

No offense to you, but maybe I could cook up something, I’m really bad at thumbnails though lol.

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i could possibly help is the map a mario bros one

I can’t make one, I’m on my 3rd spam/inappropriate flag
5 of those=lose regular
(Two of my posts that were flagged weren’t even inappropriate lol)

yeah, i didnt think anyone would ask that because its pretty obvious

i was just making sure so as to not make a mistake

Were they confirmed by Jeff?

I’ll take one for the team then, I don’t care if I really lose regular, that just means likes, recognizability, and wiki. Regular does look nice, but I think its time we stand up for ourselves.

Those who complain about thumbnail wikis are probably the type of people to complain about the clutter about thumbnails. Dude, I’m doing you a favor, clearing more clutter, lol.

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should I make one? Pretty sure I haven’t been flagged yet since… I flagged myself…

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yeah i really need help

I’ll make one right now. Time to make my stand against them flag warriors. Even though cr1sis said there is no such thing, only people with different opinions, this is all fact. This will benefit the forums in a positive way, not negative.

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lol dude how do you do that

Flag myself? It was just off topic… so I flagged myself…

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what font was used for that

Ummm I have a thumbnail:

for the thumbnail that i made

yes for the thumbnail also here’s what i have so far

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