Hydra gimkit art!

Anyone can make a Hydra for me! A hydra is a multi headed dragon. Help plz @Blizzy can I get it from you? Also, I am year of the dragon. Wink wink, enter dod, sorry for off topic

Here is an example for those that are making it for you to know exactly what it should look like.


Oh cruelest world, this looks so interesting I just have to try.


In a considerable sense yes~

Alright expect it in an hour ish!!

Also you are battle cats fan??
Here’s the sketch:


Prepare yourself to see the WORST art ever in GIMKIT history @Dark_Hydra and well everyone else who is reading this…great~

pLeAse dOn't LoOK

Its…not very…finished…yet…


it looks good :+1:


Are you kidding?-(no offense)

It’s better than anything I could do :grin:

Thanks…The layers could use work tho and the heads are a bit…weird- xD

No I am not. Its not often you see good art(like good art) and it was made in such a short time. meaning your efficient.


It’s still better than what I could do.

layers… always are weird and painful.

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Wow thanks, that really means a lot to me.

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No kidding, when I was messing with it, there was so much that it crashed me into a blue screen.

never had that, but i have had once piece distort all that layers and me end up slamming my keyboard.

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Yikes. That. . sounds bad.

Yeah because if you have 100+props/barriers like I do it takes FOREVER, and one single piece that malfunctions MeSseS iT aLL uP (off topic but technically this is a “bug”)

Yikes. That. . sounds bad.

Indeed it is~

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