Hunger Games Thumbnail

Yay, I’m making my second topic. I’m looking for a thumbnail for “The Hunger Gims.” (Please include title at top of thumbnail.)
There are multiple settings so the thumbnail would kinda merge them together. I’d like there to be a beach, snowy area, park, farm, and spaceship. If this isn’t possible then maybe just make the background snowy since that’s the center of the map. The idea is that there are multiple gims all using different weapons and firing at each other. You could also add a gim getting hit by a laser if it’s possible. They should also be evenly spread out throughout the thumbnail.
Gims and their weapons:
Riff/evil eye
Day 1/wooden wand
The Experiment/snowball launcher
Waxy/laser (if possible)
Thank you so much for reading and if you are willing to help! :slight_smile:


What the heck is Waxy and Laser?

IDK what laser is but this is waxy:

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I can help!
For the laser can I do a normal gimkit laser but make it kinda like a lightsaber?

That works as well! And thanks in advance! :smiley:

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I’ll try to make one, but…
I don’t think you can name it the hunger games (copyright issue).
Other people have named theirs the hungim games (don’t copy them), so maybe the hunger gims…?
I don’t know…

Sorry for the late reply. I will have the thumbnail in two days bc I’m a little busy rn

I have this premade one- It’s more of a design-based thumbnail, though. What you’re asking for is an action-based thumbnail.
I can make one that fits your description if you would like that instead of this.


Sorry but do you prefer hand drawn or photoshop thumbnails? I can do either one for you. :grinning:

I usually have like 6-8 projects at the same time :skull:


you can do photoshop :slight_smile:

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Looks really good! But it doesn’t really fit with the descriptions at the top… Still looks really good tho! :smiley:

hunger gims sound like a good one, and thanks for letting me know!

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@arjungurram , do I have to do all of the gims and gadgets? I think the thumbnail would look a little full, so please pick one that you could do without, but if you don’t want to get rid of one, I can give you the thumbnail and if you want can then choose one to get rid of.

how will that work

give me the thumbnail and ill choose one then :slight_smile:
also bcs of copyright make title Hunger Gims pls

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Also can someone give me an image of a gimkit laser with a no background? I’m using canva but don’t want canva pro

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Wdym turkey?