How would you create a frame for a dragon boss

so im not as talented as @frozencursor so i have no idea where to start for a frame of one i have though of using poles but im thinking that would take up too much memory to make an animated dragon boss and i could find emojis that couldnt show dragons doing different things to do the animation…

You can use pixel art to make the boss! Beware of how much memory it uses though.

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maybe so but how would i get rid of the spaces inbetween and im horrible at pixel art

know what whatever i will find a way to make pixel art

You could do simple stuff like using props and showing and hiding them to create a slight animation. For example you could maybe use a rotated and tinted blackboard leg mixed with some barriers to create crood looking wings.

Use the stachillies font.

Pixel art is not bad, you just need grid snap, and if you want to learn real pixle art I recommend using Pixlr, thats where i made this.

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