How would this work? (Checker Device)

Screenshot 2023-09-07 2.46.43 PM

Does it check if you have nothing since you can’t technically have a negative item?

Also another question, how do you expand the block screen to make it wider?

pretty sure its asking is it going down in value or up the the value is how many you need try that I’ve used on before

dont know about the 2nd click on it got to change size and change the size I think and if it works please mark mine as a solution

It must be a bug but I feel like most people wouldn’t catch this. It might never pass.

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If there is less than a certain amount of an item then the checker will send a signal to whatever you connect it to, I’m pretty sure.

They’re talking about less than 0 of an item, because you can’t have less than 0 of an item.

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