How would i do this can you help?

How would i make it to where a text can go back and fourth on the map?
Like make them go back and fourth from the spaces they are in.

You could use a game overlay or a coordinate system with animation (if you want it to follow the player)

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Try this link: How to make animation easily!

This should help you if you’re trying to make something move like animation!

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If you mean between two fixed points, animation.

If you mean between two points on the players screen, coord system.

Have the two text elements in their wanted locations. Have a Wire Repeater Clock. On one repeater, have it leading to the text on the left with (When receives pulse β†’ show text) and to the text on the right with (When receives pulse β†’ hide text). For the repeater on the right, have it simply reflect the wires of the first one. [(When receives pulse β†’ hide text) to left and (When receives pulse β†’ show text) to right text]
Finally, use a lifecycle on one of the wire repeaters to jumpstart the system!