How to you create a timer that the players can change how much time is left

I have tried hard to figure this out and looked it up. I have seen it done before on a map but have no idea how to make it work, does anyone know how to do this that can help me?

Sooo the players can change the time in the game?

Just add a counter and button when button pressed increment counter or decrement

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Heres a quick run down: (I notice you LeahcIM, but I wanna add on too.)

Use a trigger if you want them to use movement, or a button.

Make it so when they step on the trigger or click on the button, it increments the counter. Copy that but for decrement.

Make it so that there’s a start button. Make it so that it it’s target is 0, and it’s starting value is 1, (counter.) Make it so when you click the start button, a trigger loop happens, which will slowly make it go down and down.

(Hopefully this helps, if not, then my bad for you reading all of that, lol.)

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I would prefer being called Michael. I just noticed leahciM is kinda hard to say

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