How to xp for knockouts?

for a team deathmatch game

You can’t receive Gimkit XP by doing anything besides answering questions.
To do that, the questioner kit has to have at least ONE incorrect answer.
In other words, it can’t be spam.
If you want to make fake or in-game xp, then…

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ok thanks @California_Love (note its a team deathmatch game)
also when u get koed is it possible for an image to show up?

No, not for an image, but using a lifecycle and a popup.

Set the event of the lifecycle to player knocked out.
And then, wire the lifecycle to a popup.
Event occurs < open popup.
It can’t show images, though, but you can do words.

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thanks @California_Love

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You’re welcome. Let me know if you need anything else.

Well, you could make it so that if somebody knocks out somebody they can answer a question that is pretty much very easy to get the XP

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