How to use this platform and making friends that are nice and appropriate also on how to play kits

hi im new here and i was wondering if i can get help with whats on the desc or tiltle what ever you call it?

ferst what do you mean then i will follow up with a nother reply edit i just read it agin do you mehen how do you play a live game or make a kit?

Welcome to the forums @NEZUKOCHAN23 make sure to check out the begginer must read!

ok ty but what is the forum can i pls have info on it

i mean like please tel me

the forms are to help you and figer out stuff

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oh ty wanna b my friend?

the forums are a way for people to ask for help in Gimkit Creative, or GKC

the mods are very strict so any off topic chatting can get your account suspended

so what is the code ill do it w u

no posing codes here, sorry

You cannot post codes or links on this website. Please refrain from doing so.

oh ty ill make sure to stay on topic but i wanna be frinds im lonely

Sorry didn’t see you :))

k jeez calm down dkdbjvkdhf

You can make lots of friends on this forum by being on topic and helpful


now @getrithekd will talk to you.

Also, can you put the question in the post next time instead of the title?

oh so cool ty wanan b mine do

aight and you can put text in < and > to make it invisible to bypass the 20 character limit