How to use teams

How can I make that two teams split evenly at teleporters when a button is pressed?

Map settings can do that.

Yeah, just go to the map settings, choose 2 teams, and make them even split.
You don’t have to do buttons and teleporters just use the map settings…


Yeah, but I want to make it where there are tons of games, and you can click a button to go to that game, but the game needs teams.

To do this you’d need to have an exact number of players every time.

How many players can be on each team?
Is there a certain amount of players you want to be in each game?


Maybe 4 people, but I can change it for how many people I know want to play.

4 people on each team or 4 people total?

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Each team will have 4 people.

Then the button activates four relays for random players on the non switching team and that switches them to a team, while the others still are on the team.

Use a counter linked to your teleporter, Player teleported here < Increment counter, and the counter has a target of 4. Then wire the counter to the teleporter, Target value reached < deactivate teleporter. Do this twice for each team, or number of teams you have.


Thank You so much for the help.

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