How to use Properties in Overlays

I want a tracker of how many people are on Team 1. I already have a property that decreases when someone gets knocked out and increases when somebody joins, and when that property reaches zero, the game ends.

Use block code with a repeater and trigger to constantly run an if loop: If [property] = 0, end game.

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What you could do is:

  1. Make two lobby rooms where one is for team one and the other is for team two.(You could do that by going on the spawners and changing what team can spawn using those spawner).
  2. Add a teleporter to the spawn room and wire it to a teleporter.
  3. For the wire make it so that when a player enter a teleporter the counter increments and so that way when the whole team goes through the teleporter then the counter would show how much people are on the team.
    (You could try make it a zone instead of a teleporter so that when a player enters the zone they get teleported somewhere but I haven’t yet checked if that works

Hope this helps and if it doesn’t please reply so I can improve/find out what I did wrong

In the overlay device’s block category:

Naturally the property has to be in text format to work correctly, which could be an issue if you’re keeping the player count in a numerical format - I believe it’s possible to use number-to-text blocks to solve this issue, but I haven’t tested it myself.
and/or image


I already tried that, but the overlay won’t even show.

As far as I can tell, the overlay needs to have a default property set (can just be 0) and then can be changed with another device (like a lifecycle device) - it also can’t be covered with another overlay, but I assume you know that already.


Did you try my idea because even though it would take a bit more work it will make the counter show the amount of players whom have gone through the teleporter showing the amount of players on a team

I think there’s already a property for that; the property just needs to be stored in an overlay - counters could also work, but the player wouldn’t be able to see the value from anywhere on the map.


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