How to use master the use of blocks?

I looked at all the blocks and unsure of what they all do and I saw a guide on how to make a colon-spread timer by @JoeTheChicken however I did not understand what he did and the purpose of the other blocks. Can anyone please help me???

What specifically do you want to know?
What the blocks do
How To Use them

ye everything is here i guess

Like what all the blocks do I never understood them well some of them

I shall share with u the secret to blocks…

Idk I am new… its pretty irritating to have to have 20 characters in a post

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I agree with you but how would you use like trigonometry and like length blocks and most of the math and text blocks??

You can put extra chars in between <> to bypass the 20 character limit, however only do this if it is necessary because that system is their to make posts meaningful.

Also most blocks are pretty simple to their meaning. I would suggest take a tutorial through blockly (the program used) or other block based programs like scratch.

Heres a free tutorial: learn to code with blockly -codeacadamy

I am allowed to ‘bump this guide Because I need help.

Hmmm honestly you don’t bump help posts but you could’ve written something like Anyone got any more suggestions? or somethin’