How to use lasers! [Very Easy]

Hey so in this tutorial I will be teaching you how to use lasers!

first, we’ll start with the basics

CHAPTER 1 The Basics

this is a laser, it can be used to hurt players

if you click on the laser then it will show you 5 things:

Damage Dealt

Changes the amount of damage the laser does


Changes the appearance of the laser (standard or plant)

Laser Color

Color of the laser that deals damage

Active On Game Start

Yes: The laser is on when game is started
No: The laser is off when game is started

Laser Group

Group name of laser to be controlled by the laser beam manager
(We will talk more about this later, a little more advanced)

if you click all options then it will show more options about this laser, Ex.

(my photos is broken so I can’t crop a picture, sorry)

As you see there are way more options that are pretty simple, but we won’t talk about the channel stuff in this guide since that is used with blocks, but the other ones like the:

Show Path

Makes it so that the laser dots of where it is going are turned off

Show Start Point

Makes it so that the left side of the laser starting point is gone

and finally the

Show End Point

Makes it so that the Right Side of the laser starting point is gone

are pretty self explanatory

CHAPTER 2 Laser Beam Manager

Now that we have covered the basics its time to move onto the real stuff:


this is what It looks like:

So if you click it and see what’s inside of it you will see 3 very important things such as:

Laser Group

The Group of lasers the manager will update

Activate Lasers When Receiving On

Uses block code witch we will not be covering, sorry

Deactivate Lasers When Receiving On

Also Uses block code witch we will not be covering, sorry

so lets grab our laser real quick and click the laser, once you’ve clicked it go all the way down and you should see Laser group (Which we talked about)

Now lets go ahead and name it like “Laser Test” ex. shown below

(Sorry again, can’t crop, just look at bottom right)

Now lets go to laser beam manager and name THAT Laser Test
(They have to be exactly identical or else it won’t work)

(Top Right)

Once this is done you can do anything you like! You could get a button and wire it up to the laser beam manager to turn on or off the laser, or even a trigger, if stepped on, activate or deactivate laser!

CHAPTER 3 The last chapter

Now once you’ve played around with it I’ve bet you have wondered:

“Okay, so how in the world do I make the lasers turn off and on again automatically!?”

Well, I have the solution, it’s also pretty easy!

First, We’ll need a wire repeater and a button with your already set laser beam and laser beam manager

(Mistake) repeater 2 should also be going to repeater 1 in this ex. picture

  1. Button goes to wire repeater
  2. repeater 1 goes to laser beam manager and deactivates laser
  3. repeater 1 goes to repeater 2 at same time
  4. repeater 2 goes to laser beam manager and activates laser
  5. repeater 2 goes to repeater 1

Repeater 1 and 2 should be set to 1.0 seconds
(you can do any seconds, but I just used 1 second since its simple)


you are now a pro at lasers!


-made by Aubec7


Wait sentries can be affected by lasers? Since when? Could you please tell me?

try it yourself, sentries can be harmed by lasers

I was making a boss game and one laser was ontop of the sentry and it knocked out

Nice guide!
Do note however the Laser Beam was already featured in tugted 3.


Could you show me a screenshot please?

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This doesn’t use blockcode, it uses channels.

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I tried and it didn’t work. Do you have to do a special thing, and if so how?

It depends on how much damage the laser is set to

Are you sure sentries can be affected by stuff? Im pretty sure Josh patched that bug.

Even if sentries were affected by lasers before sentry-device interactions were patched, they probably won’t work now.


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I really haven’t tried it, but you can still set the damage of the laser(s) to something,like insta kill damage or half a health bar of damage

:+1: guide

Nice guide!

oops, I stubbed my toe and it made a BUMP

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A short dialogue story I made while reading this guide and found out that sentries could be hurt by lasers.

Sentry Bully: Look who’s there! A silly little gim wandering all by itself.
Gim: Ummm, what?
Sentry Bully: See this thing? Its called a zapper. Let me show you what it does. Come closer, buddy!
Gim: Notices two weird semicircles on either side of the bully
Gim: Ummm, what ar-
Sentry Bully: I SAID COME CLOSER!!!
Gim: steps closer
Gim: steps into zone
Zone: initiating activation sequence
Zone: activating laser
Laser: intitiating activation
Laser: laser activated
Sentry Bully: knocked out due to fried circuits

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Wait, sentries can get hurt by lasers?

yes, we went over this at the top of the reply section :smiley:

@Aubec7 I just tested it and sentries can’t get hurt by lasers. Josh patched that.

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I don’t think they did even before DSI was discovered.
Not sure if that’s just the Mandela Effect or not…